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Another Swedish Porn Star


Lets Get Basic

name: Chaz
age: 16
location: Massachusets, USA
sexual preference: straight
eithnicity: A little Swedish, a little Polish, other stuff.

List 10 Favorite Bands
*Led Zeppelin
*Hendrix (I know, I know! Not a band. Whatever.)
*The Clash
*Talking Heads
*Jethro Tull
*The Chesterfield Kings
*The Ramones
*The Replacements

List 5 Favorite Movies
*The Big Lebowski
*This is Spinal Tap
*School of Rock
*Ferris Bueller's Day Off
*Wayne's World

List 5 Favorite Books
*"Congo" by Michael Crichton
*"Neverwhere" by Neil Gaiman
*"The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy" by Douglas Adams
*"America: the Book" by John Stewart and other various people. (Some are probably at least a little Swedish. Nudge, nudge.)
*"Dracula" by Bram Stoker. (Swedish? Maybe. Okay, probably not. I'm done for.)

Are You Swedish, if not why should we let you in?: I do indeed have Swedish heritage.

Whats your Favorite food?: Swedish pancakes I guess.

Favorite thing Swedish: Probably the accents. Or that awesome song "Sister Surround" by the Soundtrack of Our Lives. (See? They're Swedish!)

promote us to at least two communities/users we will check so give us the links: Hmmm. Must be translated from Swedish. Sort of like "All your base are belong to us." I guess you want me to pimp journals/communities. Ok. If I must. shineyroxmysox, 4midnightkisses, and anarchy00.

give us 6 facts about you
*I used to have long hair.
*I don't see the point of that last excercise.
*I now have medium-length hair.
*I'm trying to fill this with as many irrelevant things as I can think of.
*I have been known to watch the Boston Red Sox baseball team.
*I've never actually been to Sweden but would love to go sometime soon.


thrit stores: What in God's name is a "thrit store?" You mean thrift store? I very much enjoy them.
fast food: Sometimes needed if you're in a hurry. Just don't eat too much of it.
gay marrige: Should not be banned. Bush is just trying to appeal to fundamentalists by disguising what is basically a civil rights issue with "Sanctity of Marriage" crap. I hate politicians.
My so- Called life: It's boring. That's why I wanna join this community and get some hot Swedish action.
abortion: I don't know.

what comes to mind when you hear?

converse: Shoes that look comfortable but are probably made by sweatshop laborers in Thailand.
pie: Mmmmm. Pie.
waterbuffalo: The Waterbuffalo Lodge
meatballs: You don't want to know....

Pictures sil vous plait (Hey, that ain't Swedish!)
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